MHB Chief Instructor

Royston Kymberly

Royston is an MHFA England Qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and SFA UK Qualified Suicide Prevention Tutor.  He is also a Life Coach and Qualified NLP, CBT Therapist and Sports Psychologist.

Royston is a BA Hons Degree student in Philosophy having previously studied Art Design at East London University, and Business at Staffordshire University.

Royston is also a Level 4 Qualified Performance Tennis Coach, and level 5 Academy Coach, and holds the post of National Manager of the British Tennis Coaches Association specialising in Mental Performance Coaching.   

His other career paths have ranged from Siberian Casino Manager, to London Stand up Comic, and from Australian Incence Seller, to Birmingham Tai Chi Instructor.  Royston has an entertaining and engaging presentation style, and an un-ending supply of interesting and informative life experiences that he often uses to help lighten or validate the content he delivers.

Royston is an accomplished speaker and presenter in many subjects, and has given several BBC TV and Radio interviews.

Along with his MHFAE work, Royston is also available for group presentations and individual therapy sessions.