Other Courses

Mental Performance, Empowerment, Awareness and Wellbeing Training

Along with the accredited qualification course we offer, we also deliver a range of Certificated CPD Courses, including:

  • Mental Health Awareness & Support Training
  • Coping Strategies for Stress & Anxiety
  • Understanding Brainwave Function
  • Motivational Interviewing

and many more...

The above courses are all offered at heavily discounted fees as we seek to offer courses and therapies that help to improve professional and competitive performance, and courses that protect mental wellbeing, and empower individuals by helping them to develop a better understanding of their own mental and emotional internal processes.  

Our courses are delivered in fun lecture based environments that include many interactive tasks and open discussion opportunities, that guide students along a journey towards a greater awareness and understanding of the self, and a greater control of the mental machinery that influences thoughts, feelings, behaviours and performance.